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Sneak Preview From Part  6, Page 35

Across the world today there is a massive effort occurring between numerous religious groups and Church denominations, to unite together and ‘dialogue’. This is precisely in accordance with the New Age agenda of removing divisions between people. Whilst there is value in ensuring good relations between people and the world’s religions, it is the ‘thin end of the wedge’, and must be carefully monitored, at least from an evangelical position. Indeed through the dialoguing process do we not witness the Hegelian Dialectic at work? In other words, as the religions come together to talk, are we not witnessing the thesis and the .

antithesis through such discussions, the end result being a new synthesis. The synthesis would be where greater respect and unity has occurred between the ‘faith groups’, which in time will potentially erode the fundamental beliefs of any one of them Religious pluralism’ is a powerful global force. It is about the many (plural) religions of our world determining where they can unite together, what beliefs they have in common, and thus to accept the differences between them. Similarly we have religious relativism. In other words, all religions are relative to each other – they are all as valid as each other - truth is found within each of them. I would argue that this is the default belief of most Western people today. The deepest form of pluralism would be syncretism, where essentially the religions have so unified together they act as though they are one and the same thing, where the differences do not matter – a spiritual merging and blurring has occurred. This is the most fearful end of religious pluralism.

In the same way that the policies and economies must come together in a unified global form for the first Beast to rule, so the religions of the world will need to come together for the False Prophet to rule, so that he can create his ‘one world religion’ in worship of the Beast. If global unification is needed for the political and economic fields, then global unification is also needed for the religious, spiritual realm. Unification is the central factor for both the first and second Beasts in their respective fields, on a global worldwide scale. With so many people in the world having some level of religious persuasion, the elite know that in order for them to maintain control, they must use religion to support their agenda. This is precisely what is occurring today, especially through New Ageism, the United Nations and related bodies.

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